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London 10K 2020..virtually
(October 2020 Phoenix Trail)

I did see one or two runners out this morning but unfortuately none with the London 10k Bib. I did however have an unwitting support team…I passed two cyclists who had stopped, presumably for a chat. They then passed me on their bikes and duly disappeared into the distance, ahead of me…

They must have stopped for another chat, as once again I passed them. This leap frog meeting happened a couple of times until I turned around at 5k to start the return leg. As I passed them for a final time, I thanked them for being my secret pacing and support team. They smiled somewhat bemused.

London 10k or speed tourism for runners

This was my first 10k event, which I first ran in 2017. I have run it every year since, and was due to run it again for the fourth time in May 2020. I love the atmosphere before, during and after the run. It is well-organised, and a great opportunity to run past the elite runners (even if they are coming back in the opposite direction on the home straight just as you are setting off 😉 . Also, a great way to see several iconic landmarks, round (my) capital city, accompanied en route by various live bands, and well wishers. All that in the space of just over an hour. Now that’s what I like to call “speed tourism”.

Blenheim OX5

That’s 5 miles not 5 kilometers, by the way. The grounds at Blenheim are a fantastic setting. The course itself is on tarmac, with views of a landscaped lake, bordering open pasture, then through some woods and finishing close to the Palace. About half way round the course there is quite a steep incline (or “Sheffield-flat” for the benefit of any of my Sheffield friends and family who happen to be reading this).

Blenheim 10k

I refer my reader to the comments I made earlier about this superb running venue, plus an extra 2k added on, for good measure.

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