A moo-ving time with New Year’s honours

(Me 50/187; Cathy 51/267) John Lennon once said: "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans". It can sometimes feel like that when you have your sights set on attending a particular parkrun event, perhaps in pursuance of the next parkrun challenge, only to have those plans thwarted, at the last minute,... Continue Reading →

It’s a (park)run…not a race(course)

(Me: 49/179; Cathy: 50/258) Spoiler alert (…with apologies to Will Shakespeare):Now is the autumn in our discount tent,Made glorious (late) summer by this sun of York [1] We live about 3 hours’ drive south of York, so making a special trip just to do the parkrun there, and then heading back home seemed a bit extreme,... Continue Reading →


(Me: 45/174; Cathy: 48/253) The other half of Team Bishop was away for a girls-only weekend in North Wales with old long-standing friends from school daze. This was a perfect opportunity therefore to catch up on the four remaining tourist venues from Cathy's, 48 strong, tourist list that I have yet to visit. Lydiard being... Continue Reading →

Of Puddings and parkrun-EVE of SHAMe

(Me: 43/172; Cathy 47/252) Eve of shame [Spoiler alert: Nothing actually shameful took place on parkrun eve, at least not where we were seated in a certain hotel restaurant. Having written that though, I am beginning to have some pangs of conscience about what we witnessed that evening in an otherwise respectable establishment. I'll let... Continue Reading →


Sheffield boasts some of the finest tree cover, woodlands and countryside in Britain with a third of the city lying in the Peak District National Park, and more woodland cover (over 10%) than any other city in the country as well as over 2 million trees. [1] Sheffield is also famous, amongst other things, for... Continue Reading →

N is for…?

(Me: 41/170; Cathy 45/250) So we arrived in our holiday let on Anglesey, on parkrun eve, noting that there were not one but two NENDYs to choose from to run at on the following morning. Nant y Pandy or Newborough Forest. Both looked good on You-tube and (secondarily) both event names started with the same... Continue Reading →

There’s no place like roam

Me: (40/168), Cathy (44/248) Since parkrun un-pause, some ten months ago, Cathy and I have been consoling ourselves from being bereft of parkrunday mornings in Tring Country Park,  by roaming around our locality, bagging a few more NENDYs [*] and, naturally, planning our holiday locations around some interesting looking parkrun venues further afield. We are... Continue Reading →

Super heroes at the Oxford Town & Gown

My first time running this 10k event round the city of Oxford ( I don't think it will be my last!) Town and Gown was amazing… parkrun on steroids would be an apt description. The spectators round Oxford were just brilliant, (just like they were for the Oxford half last Autumn). There weren't any bands... Continue Reading →

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