p minus 10 weeks and counting…

Tring virtual parkrun #54 challenge So our (not)parkrun photo challenge theme this week is “Theatre, Plays and Musicals” in recognition of it being World Theatre Day today (27th March). Thought we'd add a touch of class to this one...(although must confess that we haven't seen any of the plays wot he wrote) Keeping on track... Continue Reading →

p minus 11 weeks…and counting

Tring’s photo challenge for the week (Tring virtual parkrun #53) "All this talk of relay batons reminded me of all the Athletics that we’ve been missing during this last year, " wrote our Event Director, "...so tomorrow you have a chance to rectify that with our theme of “Athletics – Track & Field” - as... Continue Reading →

p minus 12 weeks…Phoenix rising

Perhaps not a particularly inspiring shot of the grounds at Blenheim Palace, but Facebook has reminded me that I took this picture four years ago, almost to the day, after I had reached an important milestone (literally) in my training.The caption read: “12th March 2017 - 8k accomplished,"OX5 " run in two weeks…bring it on!”... Continue Reading →

p minus 13 weeks and counting…

Deo volente there are just 13 more weeks (or 12 more Saturday lie-ins) till parkrun day! It will come round sooner than you think. Now would be a good time to check you know where your barcode is. Trust me..it's not too soon...it may take you a while to remember where you stored it away... Continue Reading →

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