Reasons to be cheerfull

At the time of writing this, it is Saturday 10th July. Two weeks before parkrun restarts in England. I should be excited. I should be very excited, but…with the prospect of my home parkrun not being able to find a venue in two weeks’ time, then there is a cloud looming on the horizon. OK,… Continue Reading →

Restart minus 3 weeks (and hoping)…

Tring virtual parkrun challenge #64 “Did you know today is National Fish & Chip Day?…”, writes our Event Director. “Maybe you’ve already been to the Chippie this evening. Anyway, it’s inspired this week’s theme of “Fish & Chips and the Seaside”. Put on your knotted handkerchief and find your bucket and spade. Choose the best… Continue Reading →

p minus 4 weeks and counting…

Tring virtual parkrun challenge #60 “As you know…”, wrote our Event director, “…we like our numbers at Tring parkrun and this week we have reached a big round Tring parkrun virtual parkrun #60. This week we’re feeling quite sentimental and missing our weekly visits to Tring Park. So we will be reflecting this with a… Continue Reading →

p minus 5 weeks and counting…

Tring virtual parkrun #58 and #59 challenges “…this week’s theme (#58) is “Run Round Me”. Yes, we need to give a bit more focus on our regular sign. Perhaps take your picture this week running around something or someone or maybe simply a photo of something round.” “…theme for #59 is “May Day Festivities”. A… Continue Reading →

p minus 7 weeks and counting…

Tring virtual parkrun #57 challenge “So, with the weather warming up, how is your running going?”, asks our Event director. ” Are you still managing a weekly 5k? Has working from home allowed you to increase your running, or has the couch become your friend over the last year and running become a distant memory?… Continue Reading →

p minus 8 weeks and counting…

I’ve got to admit it’s getting better (Better)A little better all the time (It can’t get no worse) [ 1] Tring virtual parkrun #55 challenge Sad to say that we missed out on the Easter parkrun challenge (#55) last week. We missed “being there”, however the good news was that we were otherwise engaged in… Continue Reading →

p minus 10 weeks and counting…

Tring virtual parkrun #54 challenge So our (not)parkrun photo challenge theme this week is “Theatre, Plays and Musicals” in recognition of it being World Theatre Day today (27th March). Thought we’d add a touch of class to this one…(although must confess that we haven’t seen any of the plays wot he wrote) Keeping on track… Continue Reading →

p minus 11 weeks…and counting

Tring’s photo challenge for the week (Tring virtual parkrun #53) “All this talk of relay batons reminded me of all the Athletics that we’ve been missing during this last year, ” wrote our Event Director, “…so tomorrow you have a chance to rectify that with our theme of “Athletics – Track & Field” – as… Continue Reading →


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My first ever parkrun in October 2015 was in Huddersfield. My first time at Tring (which has now become my “home parkrun”) was on New Year’s Day 2016.

parkrun has helped me (re-)discover that I can run more than a couple of hundred meters without getting “puffed out”.

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