Tring’s kilted parkrun

(parkrun #151) It all started back in 2015 when one of our RDs dared another Tring parkrunner, and fellow Scot, to come dressed in their (real) kilt to do a parkrun. Then in 2016, the word went round a few other of the regulars with Caledonian connections to do the same. By the following year,… Continue Reading →

A VIEw MORE than expected…

(parkrun #143 – tourist run #26 ) (…with a wee bit of dramatic licence along the way) Getting to parkruns which you have never done before can be a bit stressful.  If you’ve had to travel some distance that morning to arrive at your chosen venue, then there are the usual known-unknowns: will we get… Continue Reading →

Heading East to Osterley (Tourist parkrun #25)

(parkrun #142 – tourist run #25 ) It’s 7.00am on Saturday 28th August, and we are London-bound for our next parkrun excursion. Fresh from our Liverpool adventure the previous week, and no date yet set for Tring restarting,  we decided to head east (from leafy Buckinghamshire) to a rural spot in leafy London-shire, just inside the… Continue Reading →

(Straw)Crosby(-berry) Beach (fields)…for ever

(parkrun #141 – tourist run #24 ) As it was Cathy’s birthday coming up, we decided to mark the occasion by ticking off an item from our parkrun Tourist bucket (and spade) list, namely Crosby (beach) parkrun, (you know…the one just outside Liverpool with the Iron Men statues planted in the foreshore[1]) and followed by… Continue Reading →

With Nomads now….And we are back!

It’s now been three weeks since parkrun returned in England, and in that time, (unsurprisingly) Cathy and I have each chalked up the same number of parkruns. Three…Real…parkruns; and I am still pinching myself to make sure I am not experiencing some sort of group Matrix-style hallucination. As my reader will know, the Tring parkrun… Continue Reading →

Reasons to be cheerfull

At the time of writing this, it is Saturday 10th July. Two weeks before parkrun restarts in England. I should be excited. I should be very excited, but…with the prospect of my home parkrun not being able to find a venue in two weeks’ time, then there is a cloud looming on the horizon. OK,… Continue Reading →

Restart minus 3 weeks (and hoping)…

Tring virtual parkrun challenge #64 “Did you know today is National Fish & Chip Day?…”, writes our Event Director. “Maybe you’ve already been to the Chippie this evening. Anyway, it’s inspired this week’s theme of “Fish & Chips and the Seaside”. Put on your knotted handkerchief and find your bucket and spade. Choose the best… Continue Reading →


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My first ever parkrun in October 2015 was in Huddersfield. My first time at Tring (which has now become my “home parkrun”) was on New Year’s Day 2016.

parkrun has helped me (re-)discover that I can run more than a couple of hundred meters without getting “puffed out”.

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