parkrun 050 and St Andrew’s Day Celebs…(could this be a niche?)

So, the next milestone for an adult parkrunner is officially 50 parkruns. (Although, it could be argued that, the next significant milestone for any parkrunner is parkrun #2!)

If you are a regular attender at any parkrun, you will know that the RD’s (Run Director’s) pre-run briefing includes a shout-out to anyone about to reach run their milestone run that morning: 10th (junior), 50th, 100th, 250th and so forth. And some of you, who have visited several different parkruns, might also have noticed that some parkruns have their own idiosyncratic way of “tagging” these intrepid runners, so that their fellow runners can shout congratulations and encouragement along the course. Some parkruns have capes to wear; at Tring we have tabards, although the observant amongst you will notice me in the montage below, modelling an earlier prototype-tabard (aka t-shirt), sourced by Cathy (top middle below). **

“…Mmm and presumbaly the kilt is also a milestone custom?”, I hear some of you ask. Well no, but it just so happened that the day I ran my 50th parkrun was also the closest *parkrunday (*soon to be in the OED) to St Andrew’s Day. This, coupled with the fact that Tring parkrunners don fancy dress at the slightest excuse and that the Tring parkrun community is (some might say) blessed with a sizeable (well, half a dozen or so) contingent of Scots folk, is the reason for our annual Scots fest. Not that I myself personally hail from the land of the brave (although my paternal Granny was born north of the border). And actually, running in a kilt on a cold day with bare legs (just my legs are bare – well you were going to ask weren’t you) is really quite comfortable.

**Cathy has subsequently gone on to convert these to tabards for 50th, and extended the range for 100th and 250th, suitably colour coded.

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