p minus 13 weeks and counting…

Deo volente there are just 13 more weeks (or 12 more Saturday lie-ins) till parkrun day! It will come round sooner than you think. Now would be a good time to check you know where your barcode is. Trust me..it’s not too soon…it may take you a while to remember where you stored it away (for some day over the rainbow) …and if you can’t remember where it was that you put it for “safe keeping”, there will be a couple of further weeks before you are ready to admit to yourself that its lost and gone forever and then console yourself with a nice new shiny laminated tag with your personal barcode. Oh wait…how will you know what your barcode number is if you’ve lost your barcode tag!?… Ah yes – you can login in to your parkrun profile to find out – simples, except…..What’s that? You can’t remember your password! (First world problems).

Anyway, where was I, before you distracted me with your DFYB angst? Ah yes, the next 13 weeks will fly by and for some of us that will scarcely be sufficient time to get used to the idea of emerging from the duvet at the crack of dawn to get to their local parkrun. Still..its gonna be great, isn’t it? Got to be worth it! Perhaps what I need, in the meantime, is a little challenge to work towards…something that will stretch me, but is do-able by the time I get to 13 weeks from now. Any ideas, dear reader? I do have one idea…I’ll share it with you next Saturday (not)parkrunday…assuming I write another blog entry then…

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