p minus 5 weeks and counting…

Tring virtual parkrun #58 and #59 challenges

“…this week’s theme (#58) is “Run Round Me”. Yes, we need to give a bit more focus on our regular sign. Perhaps take your picture this week running around something or someone or maybe simply a photo of something round.”

…theme for #59 is “May Day Festivities”. A festival with it’s origin in Celtic times with a celebration of nature and fertility. Symbolised over time by various customs – there is plenty to choose from – Dress as a Morris Dancer, or just dance with someone called Morris, or find a May Pole to dance around, or go back to those pagan times and find an oak tree to worship, light a special bonfire, wear a floral garland, , wash you face in the morning dew, dress as a Green Man, or just find a Green Man pub, or dress up as a May Queen or King – as ever he choice is yours.

Keeping on track
(to run 16km in a single run by the time parkrun re-starts in England)

Two weeks’ ago: distance – 16.09 km ; time – 1:50:25; pace – 6:52 min/km (elevation gain 94m).Well…Didn’t see that coming… Such a nice day for weather, I concentrated on looking around me and enjoying being out in the sunshine, and listening to my podcasts.

The ensuing long run, last week, didn’t happen, as we were holidaying (self-catering and Covid-safe) in the Brecon Beacons. A poor excuse, I know, but I am counting the walks up three Welsh mountains as cross-training.

In other news this week

With the parkrun relaunch clock ticking away, it’s all been kicking off in the last week with parkrun HQ clicking “Send” on the emails to 589 landowners in England seeking permission to restart parkrun on 5th June; followed by a heartfelt “now or never” plea from PSH to every parkrun-er in the same afore-mentioned home nation.

“Martin, the future of parkrun is at stake” – Paul Sinton Hewitt 27/4/21

On reflection

I have to say that, given the announcement of the proposed (June) restart date was made two months’ ago, I am a little surprised that it took so long for the mailshot to landowners to be sent; and now it seems that parkrun HQ are sweating on getting a critical mass of “Yes” replies before local ED’s can be given the green light (by 21/5) for their event to open with 14 days’ notice.

It pains me to be critical, especially as everything else that Tom Williams and his colleagues at parkrun HQ have done up to now has been nothing short of heroic and certainly well-organised every step of the way since 16 March of last year. So I am going to have to give them the benefit of the doubt, and my prayers for the desired outcome and time plan. Maybe there have been other factors that I am unaware of that prevented the timing of the “permissions letter” from being sent any earlier than it was. So it remains to be seen if we get the critical mass of “yes” replies needed to make the unilateral restart, in England, feasible. I am hoping for the best, but planning for the (likely?) outcome that the start date may have to roll forward a little…but not by much, as we shall be on holiday in the Lake District in the last week of June and we hope to be tourists at Keswick parkrun.

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