Restart minus 3 weeks (and hoping)…

Tring virtual parkrun challenge #64

“Did you know today is National Fish & Chip Day?…”, writes our Event Director. “Maybe you’ve already been to the Chippie this evening. Anyway, it’s inspired this week’s theme of “Fish & Chips and the Seaside”. Put on your knotted handkerchief and find your bucket and spade. Choose the best plaice for your selfie. Maybe outside your local chippie? Or if you’re lucky, perhaps you are by the seaside this weekend? Go for your Saturday run, careful, don’t flounder and make sure your trainers have enough common sole, thick black sole or even lemon sole. If you can think of any better fish puns let minnow.”

So our Tring virtual parkrun contribution this week involved Cathy providing the chips content…

…and I told a fishy tail tale:
WAHOO, a sunny day! Its going to be a hot one so we’d better SCAMP-er out of bed and get our SKATES on before the PLAICE gets hot. We heard lots of birds this morning PERCH-ing in the trees singing their merry TUNAs. Enjoyed running in the sun but we were a bit PUFFER-ed out at the end. Oh No! In our haste to get out we forgot our running watches. Never mind…we can always rely on the chip timing. The End or (as the french would say) Le Fin. 😉🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🐟

A little longer to wait

Not unexpectedly, parkrun HQ announced on 21st May that the parkrun restart in England would be rolled forward to 26th June. Two weeks on from then, and there has been a massive 18% jump in the number of “Yes” replies received from Landowners. Will we get to the (undisclosed) critical mass percentage by next Friday?…Here’s hoping.

Summer is finally here

Summer is here not because its June but, as far as this nesh Southerner is concerned, it’s now officially warm enough to run in shortsleeved tees and shorts, without lycra leggings. YAY. And with Summer comes the first of this year’s organised runs: Round Sheffield Run in the last weekend of June. I am looking forward to finally being able to do this after having signed up for it last Summer.

Less than “a parkrun” to go 🙂

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