N is for…?

(Me: 41/170; Cathy 45/250)

So we arrived in our holiday let on Anglesey, on parkrun eve, noting that there were not one but two NENDYs to choose from to run at on the following morning. Nant y Pandy or Newborough Forest. Both looked good on You-tube and (secondarily) both event names started with the same letter, so we could not decide between them as to the best location for Cathy’s 250th parkrun.

We consulted the Oracle (aka UK parkrun tourists Facebook group) for opinions. I have to say that opinion was pretty evenly matched between the two, but then came the definitive answer from parkrun buddy, Ken Douglas, who knows a thing or two about parkrun tourism.
“Go for the parkrun with the coolest name!”, said he.

And so it was, that following morning, that we set off to the town of Llangefni, to join in the fun at Nant y Pandy parkrun, (for their) event number 114!

( I should also say that we did do a freedom run round Newborough Forest later that week, and were equally delighted with the venue. This is now on our bucket list for whenever we are next in the vicinity.)

The volunteers were a friendly lot, and bilingual to boot! I hailed each Marshal on the way out with the customary “Thank you Marshal” to which they replied either “Well done” or “You’re welcome”. On the return trip I remembered to say diolch (thank you) to which I received a cheerful “Da iawn” which means “Well done” or, perhaps in context, “Great run”! )

Photos Courtesy of Nant y Pandy parkrun and EKG Photography UK

Starting from a car park on the edge of town, the course runs into the surrounding countryside up to a reservoir weir and then back again along the same outbound route. There are, to my counting, three hills at the beginning (and therefore also at the end) but they are not overly demanding, (at least not with 100 Tring parkruns under one’s belt).

Photos Courtesy of Nant y Pandy parkrun and EKG Photography UK
Photos Courtesy of Nant y Pandy parkrun and EKG Photography UK

I added a new word to my limited Welsh vocabulary: Gorffen (Finish)

in addition to Diwedd (seen at Severn Bridge parkrun recently)

which apparently, according to our North Wales parkrun hosts, better translates as End (Pub quiz fact of the week). Perhaps this is a North Wales – South Wales sort of thing ; -)

It was great to start our week’s holiday on Anglesey with a community event such as parkrun. A week’s holiday to look forward to and, another Welsh parkrun to visit on the following Saturday, before leaving the principality and heading back home.

Watch this space…

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  1. Well, that is a properly gorgeous parkrun, wow! Great Welsh language deployment on your part too, impressive in all ways. Hurrah! “Da iawn ti!” indeed. I have to get to this one somehow.

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