There’s no place like roam

Me: (40/168), Cathy (44/248)

Since parkrun un-pause, some ten months ago, Cathy and I have been consoling ourselves from being bereft of parkrunday mornings in Tring Country Park,  by roaming around our locality, bagging a few more NENDYs [*] and, naturally, planning our holiday locations around some interesting looking parkrun venues further afield.

We are aware of the various parkrun challenges, but we tend to choose our next NENDY based on what the course looks like. We tend to favour forest trails, like Mallards Pike, but also seek out the more unusual settings such as Crosby Beach, Severn Bridge or Greenham Common (aka Newbury) We like to choose a venue for its intrinsic value first, then follow the challenge stats later.

It’s been quite fun actually. We’ve missed out on regularly seeing our home run parkrun buddies, admittedly,  but (as the most seasoned parkrun tourists out there will testify) you do still get the “home-from-home” feeling at any parkrun that you happen to rock up to on a Saturday morning. It’s often the case when touristing, you’ll get talking with someone you’ve never met before but who knows another parkrunner of mutual acquaintance.

And so it was, on 28th May, we arrived at Salcey Forest. We were chatting to a family ( home parkrun: Billericay). It turns out that the daughter is a friend of the daughter of the Event Director at Wendover Woods; whom we know from Tring days. Small world…Even smaller parkrun-world.

What a lovely peaceful place this was to run in. Sun-dappled paths through the trees, bird-song above and minimal undulations. Another reason for choosing Salcey Forest was in memory of a former colleague who recently died from cancer. Her dying wish was that her colleagues should not mourn her passing, but instead go for a wander around Salcey Forest (one of her favourite places) and remember her with a smile. Here’s to you Lydia. 🙂

[*] Note to the un-initiated. Nearest Event Not Done Yet

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