Just around the corner?

It is just after sunrise on a cold and frosty February morning. No one else around, except for a few dog-walkers and other (equally barmy) runners out to claim their daily quota of permitted time-out-of-the-home-for-essential-exercise.

This is becoming one of our (my wife and I ) favourite local not-parkrun routes. We “discovered” this nearby oasis of rural loveliness just after Lockdown-1 started. Not many people venture this way, so it seems, at least not at the time we have been out running, so no worries about keeping a social distance; not that would be a problem anyway as there is more than 2m separation space available.

I love this picture of the sun shining through the trees. It reminds me that after the darkness of each night,  a new day dawns bringing with it fresh challenges, fresh opportunities, and the promise of  better times to come, just around the corner. (See what I did there).

I have just read the latest  Coronavirus update blog from parkrun HQ.  It does not seem that we, in the UK, will be park-running together any time soon but, there are signs that things are moving in the right direction – we are turning a corner.  It’s not, I think, the final corner before the home straight but, if we keep our resolve to follow the guidelines, stay safe, accept the invitation to receive our vaccination when we are called, then we shall get to do parkrun again together in the not-too-distant future.


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