Oh I do like to be beside the lake-side… Milton Keynes parkrun

(parkrun #152 – tourist run #30 )

Say what you like (or what you don’t like) about Milton Keynes as a place to live, it is certainly a great place for a run, or a walk for that matter. It has plenty of planned open green spaces “buffering” between the residential, commercial and industrial zones.

Normally a city criss-crossed by urban dual-carriageways might be problem for pedestrians and runners alike. However in MK, the planners thoughtfully included footpaths through under- and over-passes giving almost limitless pedestrian access across the city. Both this parkrun and the nearby Linford Wood parkrun make good use of these underpasses to navigate across urban areas safely.

We really enjoyed this course, (it being a one-lapper with no muddy bits) and we had perfect weather on the day (cold but clear blue sky and a surprisingly-strong winter sun ) to enjoy the surroundings, and the wild life.

Off we go with a HO-HO-HO…There was definitely more than to be expected, at this juncture of Advent, of Santa hats out there (or should I say “on”) today. Many thanks to the resident volunteer photographer for capturing us on the course’s 3km point.

You can always tell a friendly and caring parkrun community by eavesdropping various conversations as one passes others or (in my case, mostly) as others pass me by on the run: “Oh Hi Steve…haven’t seen you here for a while…” or “How have you been doing?…How’s Julie?” or “How was that half-marathon the other week?”…etc…etc. Such was the “background music” to today’s run.

And perhaps this conviviality and spirit of community was also a fitting tribute to the memory of a former regular MK parkrunner Mike Webber. We understood from chatting to the lady in the tartan leggings (sorry, I forgot to ask your name) that Mike died on this day exactly one year ago – in tribute, many participants wore pyjamas, a reference to the many different pairs Mike would wear in posts during his treatment, and the pyjama themed parkrun he and many others completed in 2017.  Out of deference to his memory, I found the link to the sad news announced in December last year on MK parkrun’s Facebook page.

Another new parkrun done for me (now 30% Cowell Club) and Cathy’s fourth time here today. We will certainly be back…If only so that I can try for a “sub-30” next time. Cathy was way ahead of me today with a PB, for this course, of 28:11. No pressure then 😉

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